Technology and Skills Training

 G-ESI specializes in off-the shelf IT software package based implementations and technology refresh projects. Key challenges in ensuring continuous improvements and maintain delivery IT solutions is to maintain highly skilled staff.  This requires a human resource development strategy that consistently meets our business clients' needs. To address this G-ESI has created a center of excellence (COE) for training and maintaining staff hands-on skills. This is much like a technology training school where students take a hands-on course to acquire new and sharpen their hands-on skills in a non-customer operation environment. The purpose of COE is to:

  • Develop required new and sharpen hands-on skills anticipated for future projects
  • Learn new methodology and create custom packages
  • Conduct customer training
  • Build new capabilities and customer offerings

G-ESI Corporate Trainings

A complete portfolio of training course is available to develop customer personnel skills utilizing hands-on training techniques. Most course are one to four days focused training to rapidly build capability that can be deployed immediately after completion of the training. These training courses include:

  • Off-the-shelf Windows and Linux based SMB IT implementations:
    • Enterprise server installation and configuration
    • SAN and NAS implementations
    • Local and Internet network implementation and configuration
    • Server, workstations and network user management Company-wide resource sharing and access policy design and implementation
    • Internal and external knowledge management and security policy
  • Off-the-Shelf package technologies training
  • Program and Project Management Software and Implementations:
    • Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft Project Server
    • HP PPM
    • ITIL implementations
  • Customer project information and knowledge transfer trainings

The unique value offered to customers includes the following:

  • Low costs customer training
  • Build hands-on skills in preparation for customer projects

 G-ESI differentiation is the end-to-end solution offering and implementation services at an SMB cost at a “Big Five” value.