Small-Medium Business IT and Network Services

Our Small-Medium Business (SMB) IT and Network Services offer inexpensive way to acquire a complete solution based on proven design and State of the Art IT infrastructure technologies. The complete package comes with a out-of-box IT System that is configured to your business requirements. There are multiple configurations that are dependant on the number of users, locations and pre-loaded software packages. Our expert staff work with you to determine your requirements, build the system and test an end-to-end solution prior to deploying it in your target environment. The package includes the following:

  • Assessment of IT needs including growth for the next 3 years: Work with C-Level management to review business strategy, goals and objectives. A scalable IT environment based on needs and industry standard metrics comparable to like companies is designed and developed.
  • IT Solution Design and Implementation: Business network with IT Infrastructure and off-the shelf technologies from our industry partners (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and others) are designed and customized to the needs. The solutions are implemented by our highly experienced and certified staff for guaranteed results. The complete build out and test are carried out by staff in our Center of Excellence (COE) prior to delivery and on-site testing and deployment.
  • Technology and Skills Training: G-ESI provides IT hands-on training at our training center for knowledge transfer as part of our obligations. We also provide skills training for skill enhancements of customer’s IT staff.
  • Post-Sales Support: All solution delivery and implementation are offered with Bronze (24 hour), Silver (12 hours) and Gold (8 hours) service levels for Post-Sale Support. Our 24X7 call center and skilled staff are available to service toll free (ITIL based L1-L5) and web based service calls.

G-ESI differentiation is the end-to-end solution offering and implementation services at an SMB cost at a “Big Five” value.