Date: January 18, 2010

Press Release: G-ESI and QLBS Partnership to help Non-Profit and SMB improve their Business and IT performance.

Today G-ESI, a California Corporation, and QLBS, a New Zealand based corporation, signed an agreement to help their NPO and SMB focus on compliance and performance optimization. G-ESI specializes in Business Integration and Optimization solutions. Adding the QLBS assessment tool, QClient, is perfect for discovering how well an organization is performing compared to the best in class and similar organizations. The NPO and SMB organization benchmarks are based on industry recognized KPIs which reveal their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with the insights, an organization can fine-tune their strategy and implementations. The recommended roadmap of any corrective solutions are based on off-the shelf technologies and proven methodologies.

The QClient based assessments are available immediately for five key areas. These include two organization assessments (NPO Assessment, Business (Fitness) Assessment and Readiness) and three operations related assessments (IT Operations, Project Management, Risk Management). In addition, there are other customized assessments dependents on the customer needs.

"It is all in the Question", stated Keith Phillips, president of QLBS, during the information session. "How you ask it gives you the clue. We have perfected the tool and the questions over many years and industries to help organization outperform their competitors.

"QLBS assessment templates are empowering. The dashboard and detailed reports provides insights current and possible performance, giving a competitive advantage over those who don't.", said Mahmood Khan, president of G-ESI. 

Using the power of the tool to gain organization weak spots, G-ESI will now be able to better serve their non-profit and SMB customers. 

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