Business Strategy and IT Alignment Service

The Business Strategy and IT Alignment Service is a first step in determining any anomalies within the IT operations. The goals of this service are to determine IT operations performance strengths and weaknesses as demanded by the overall business strategic objectives. It also includes benchmarking and comparison with the industry standards to highlight areas of improvements. The key Business and IT performance indicators are measured and analyzed for any variations from requirements. This allows for evaluating possible strategies and corrective actions required to meet business objectives.

G-ESI Business Strategy and IT Alignment Service focuses on business goals in the following specific areas of the IT infrastructure and operations:

  1. IT Business requirements: IT requirement needs as determined by the business strategy and operations evaluation and benchmarking. 
  2. Inter and intra networking: The local and internet network is evaluated to determine any possible security, access and/or performance anomalies.
  3. Applications Server: Performance measurements and determination of required optimal performance levels for IT operations.
  4. Networked Services: Common user services and performance level are evaluated.
  5. Access Controls: Secure local and remote user access based on roles and responsibilities.
  6. Applications: Determine applications requirements and performance to meet the service level for businesses success.
  7. Others: Based on the client operation and needs.

G-ESI Methodology

Our team of experienced management consultants and business analysts work with the client C-Level management and stakeholders to review the business strategy, goals, objectives and the operations performance. Preliminary assessment is done via a web based tool using Q&A and interviews. The current IT environment is assessed via audits and using non-intrusive software tools to gather benchmarking data. Data analyses are performed to determine system operations and performance hot spots. A snapshot of the performance status is compared with industry metrics and like companies to determine strengths and weaknesses. A SWOT analysis report is created and discussed with the client management team. The performance data is used to design possible corrective solutions based on company priorities and constraints. Finally, recommendations are made to implement projects to align the IT environment with the client business strategy. Additional IT services for end-to-end solution creation, development, delivery and ongoing support to ensure a single vendor solution are available. Additional portfolio of services includes the following: 

  • Center Of Excellence Solution Design and Development:    G-ESI has a unique solution design, development and deployment model based on center of excellence. This is to ensure the highest quality end-to-end delivery of IT projects at the best possible value. All solution designs, development and testing is done in our controlled environment prior to delivery. Only the accredited and certified staff is deployed on client projects, thus minimizing unnecessary surprises and lowering cost of development through deployment.
  • Program/Project Management: Our experienced and certified staff are part of the solution delivery services to our clients. Our project governance and oversight includes project management service (PM-SaaS) to allow customer monitoring and reviews.
  • Portfolio Management and Project Management Office (PMO): Proven Project Management technologies to manage and control projects and implementing standard processes are a key to successful project delivery. G-ESI specializes in PMO setup and implementing network based project management technologies. Off-the-shelf partner products (Microsoft Project Server, HP Mercury Quality Center and Project Portfolio Management) as well as SaaS solutions are offered based on customer needs.
  • Technology and skills training: All our IT staff are trained in our COE with hands-on training and accredited with industry credentials.
  • Post-Sales support: All solution delivery and implementation are offered with Gold (8 hour), Silver (12 hours) and Bronze (24 hours) service levels for Post-Sale Support. Our 24X7 call center and skilled staff are available to service toll free L1-L5 service calls as well on-line chats. 

G-ESI differentiation is the end-to-end solution offering and implementation services for an SMB cost at a “Big Five” value.